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ok, I'll start out with the basics

ohh...Yamato....touchy, aren't we?

(is it just me or does it look like he's touching Tai's dick?)

toilet paper, toilets, Food, sushi, shelter, *love*, clothes, friends, double-stick tape, evil, anime, internet, Duo, Koushiro, music, cartoon network, nature, synicism, chocolate, nutella, tampax(GGRRR), kodamas, the beatles, farts, cats, napster,'s nothing you can say that can't be said..nothing you can do that can't be done (lovelovelove) It's easy! All you need is love!--duhduhduhduhuduh--ok, um....Koushiro's boners (ehuehehuehueeh...) J/k um, South Park, Daria, Diablo, Yaoi, boredom, cable, cheeeze, IM, that option where you can play wav files backwards, (yea...drug users.. and the drug roll..lashumlash) Star Wars, books, THE FAB FOUR! ( My girl says that when I kiss her lips..she gets a thrill through her fingertips)....ok that's enough for now....